Wednesday, September 21, 2011

K-Dub's Home Run

Firstly I must admit I have been a Kendra Wilkinson fan since season one of The Girls Next Door, where she was featured as one of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends. Furthermore, I will totally admit I found her positively enchanting and felt she offered something a bit more fun and real on the show. I didn’t watch her and feel like I was watching something scripted and annoying. To be completely open and honest here, I pretty much had loathed all reality television until watching The Girls Next Door. Now while I can’t say what it was exactly that pulled me in to start with, I can say I quickly grew fond of all three girls. Though, Wilkinson was always a personal favorite on it. So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when she came out with her spin-off series simply titled, Kendra. All of that alone, would likely make the impression that I would simply just eat up anything she put out into the world. I however, was almost nervous about actually reading her life story despite how excited I was when it was released back in July of 2010 – and all the way leading up until I was finally able to attain a copy recently. The problem was that no matter how ‘real’ she came across to me on her shows, in interviews and how much I had grown to simply adore her – there was a part of me that had honestly been prepared to read a lot of fluff and silliness.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget 9/11

Ten years ago today I was sound asleep, comfortable and safe in my own bed. My father knocked on my door and stirred me slightly from the deep sleep I had found myself in, mentioned something of a plane in New York and left my room. I was so out of it then, I could not tell you how much he had said or what exactly he had said at all really. I do remember it didn’t sit well with me though, because it just didn’t make sense. The whole thing just seemed very strange and felt quite unsettling. Of course that naturally woke me up from the slumber I had been in and provoked me to make my way down the stairs in my childhood home. I found members of my immediate family sitting with eyes wide open (some with tears) in shock looking to the television screen in the living room. Something pulled at my heart strings, before I even knew what they were watching. I remember I ran into my dad pretty quickly once I was down the steps and asked him what he had said about a plane in New York – and that’s when my father told me and I finally understood how our country was attacked. My heart instantly sank and I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. I ended up bawling my eyes out that day and several to follow; not only for my country – as I am a proud American, but for people I didn’t even know who were involved directly at ‘ground zero’. I could not begin to imagine the horror those people had to undertake that day, as well as the days following.