Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hurray for Halloween!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! No I have not confused October for December. I am simply a rather big fan of Halloween! It's the time of year I truly feel peace, happiness and extra good will towards others! Okay I'm sure this makes me a little strange to some out there, but I can't help it. I adore Halloween! I love the costumes, the horror movies, the d├ęcor and more! Quite frankly I've always been a fan of Halloween, even when I was a little kid. Granted, it was probably more for the candy in those days than the fun of the rest of the holiday, but still. It's always been a favorite! Although I haven't been able to dress up every year, I still at 27 years old have no problem what-so-ever dressing up for Halloween! Be it spooky, silly or somewhere in between.

One of my favorite memories of Halloween involve the photo I'm sharing with this post. It was taken back on Halloween of 2005. Now I will say this is an edited version of the photo – hence the eyes, LOL! But even with my plain brown eyes carrying me in reality through the night, I received plenty of compliments on how my teeth looked so real. People were giving me double-takes all night long as I was out. I was a confident vampire that year, but I was indeed one with a lisp! It was one of those nights, that even throughout the night I was giggling and laughing with friends. With those realistic fangs in mouth, I could not talk normal for the life of me. It was a challenge, but I managed to get through the glorious holiday with a smile and a good hard laugh at myself.

As a vamp with a lisp though, I did actually and accidentally manage to intimidate a trick-or-treater. It was while I was getting ready to head out for the evening that I was passing out candy. Oh I love passing out candy to all the little ones who dress up! One of my favorite parts of Halloween is to see all the creative costumes kids come up with. Getting back to that one particular trick-or-treater though, who ironically if memory serves right was dressed as a vampire himself, seemed rather unsure of my costume. I opened the door with the bowl full of candy after hearing those wonderful words “TRICK OR TREAT!” being shouted from the other side of the door. I let him pick out a couple pieces, but he stood there in what seemed to be unsure shock. His little face looked up to me and he began, “Nice... nice...” then he glanced down briefly, before making eye contact with me again, “...costume?” It was a clear question with uncertainty heard in his voice. I simply said “Thank you sweet heart” and gave him more candy. LOL!

Now I confess I still feel a little bad for that trick-or-treater, but it was over all one of my favorite Halloweens! What are one of your favorite Halloween memories?

--XOXO, Jane