Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Night Of Country

As I type this out I’m sitting out in the fresh air, getting a final enjoyment of this perfect lake view. I’m leaving the puppies tonight, but I’m still here in the piece of Michigan country that I’m at. I’m going to have a girls’ night with my momma, then head home at some point tomorrow. It seems the sunshine has finally returned today though, after a couple of cold and gloomy days. It’s rather nice to sit outside at the moment, it’s a little windy, but not terribly so in my opinion.

There’s a part of me really looking forward to getting back home. I have some things lined up for myself, that I’ll very likely share in the future as they come. I’m also greatly looking forward to getting back to that ½ mile path I walk along to get in a mile walk. Oh yes, I definitely plan to get back into full swing on that right away. Especially as while I have been doing some walking, I haven’t been doing my mile a day that I had started. Then again, as I’ve shared I think I find more comfort then I realized on that secluded path. Even with other walkers, or bikers or even a runner taking it as well. It’s a great place to go to collect my thoughts, clear my head and get in some exercise while enjoying fresh air.

I’m going to miss certain parts as I always do about this area. Naturally the beautiful lake and the peacefulness you just don’t find in the suburbs and city neighborhoods. I’ll even miss getting to ‘harass’ one of my older brothers. Oh the joys of being the baby sister. LOL! Mostly though, I’m going to miss the extra time with my mom. I know we have the phone and we’ll see each other as soon as we can again, but I’m still going to miss her very much.

Well not to cut this extra short, but it’s getting a little extra windy now and I think these puppies are ready to head back inside. Plus I need to quickly finish my packing and get out of here shortly to head to my mom. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

--XOXO, Jane