Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Pick Pickler

If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve likely noticed my sudden increase of tweets surrounding Kellie Pickler. The honky tonk angel that has won over my heart in country music! Her signature song ‘Red High Heels’ hit radio airwaves back in September of 2006, and from the first time my ears were graced in hearing the sassy track off her debut album ‘Small Town Girl’, I have been in complete adoration over this woman’s music. It was seeing and reading her in various interviews over the years that made me fall into more admiration for her as well. Her self-titled sophomore release back in 2008 only further had won me over, even though the album did feel more country-pop then straight out country. Regardless of that little factor, it was another hit in my heart! I feel that I must throw in there now, that this new album on the horizon definitely seems to prove to have a strong good country feel all around it. Already from the tracks that have been shared off ‘100 Proof’, it’s very clear that Kellie has gone back to her pure country roots.

Now I have touched lightly before here on my blog the fact I, like so many around the world, have dealt with my fair share of depression issues. One of the many reasons why I love Kellie Pickler’s music as much as I do is because it doesn’t matter how dark my mood becomes. Once that music is playing and I find myself singing along, it’s like my mood instantly lifts into much brighter spirits and I find myself back to focusing on being the more positive self I want to be. Granted, I don’t have to be in a dark mood to listen to her music. Especially as of lately with all the excitement for her upcoming release ‘100 Proof’! It’s been a daily dose of listening to the country crooner. And as of the past few days, multiple visits to her Facebook page to get a listen to a new track a day in a wonderfully teasing promotion for the new album that is set to be released January 24th. Oh yes, you don’t even have to ask I have indeed already pre-ordered myself a copy and expect it to be in my mailbox on the big day!