Friday, March 15, 2013

Re-hauling & Updating

Have you ever just sat back and felt the urge for change? Recently I have updated my site’s overall appearance. I’ve made new social buttons, updated the color scheme and spread it as best I could throughout my social media pages. I very much love my new color scheme on here, not that I didn’t love my old one – but it was time for a change. I’m actually slowly working on updating a lot of things regarding this blog. Including my “about” page. I’ve just added today a “links” page and will be adding more to that as soon as possible! Soon however, I will be losing the “community” page. I’m quite sad to have to lose that, but for those of you who aren’t on BlogFrog (where my community is hosted through), they are shutting down communities on all bloggers. I am not completely clear on why they are they doing this, but sadly on May 31st all communities that they host will be shut down.

Aside from the pages, I will be going through my blog (all 80+ posts thus far) and adding a tag system. This is more for a help to add to my organization around this site. I will also be finally incorporating some a couple weekly posts. Get back into the swing of “Thankful Thursday” as well as add on another. I may even start doing a guest blogger of the month post; permitting that I can find bloggers who would like to participate in that. If you’re reading this and you are interested, then head right on over to my contact page and drop me an e-mail!

Of course, I plan to share more of my writing as well. Not just these personal blog notes, but some actual writing. I have a few things I would like to review and share on, as well as some other things. So… another thing that can be expected is more writing from me on here! I literally write every single day, even if it’s not on this blog. Rest assure though dear readers and supporters, I will become more active on here. My goal is to get back up to at least 3 or 4 posts a week – if not more.

--XOXO, Jane