Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Everyone!

It’s the best day of the year boys and ghouls! LOL! My favorite holiday has finally come and it’s officially the best day of the year! I woke up in such a good mood today. Despite any bit of headache that wants to try and lurk around me, I am so excited this evening. I think perhaps getting to see three of my nephews have got me in such a good mood. I love being an aunt and love that I got to watch the three of them get ready. As you can see (with permission from their mom of course) I am sharing a photo of my trick or treating ready nephews, the creepy pirate, vampire and ninja! Technically right now the boys are out and about roaming the neighborhood collecting their candy as I can hear them in the distance still yelling “TRICK OR TREAT” at the top of their lungs. Oh it makes my heart smile this holiday.

Presently I am awaiting my first batch of trick or treaters to reach my door. The porch light is on and the bowl of candy is ready to go. I will be passing out candy to all the little ones who come yelling at my door. Although it’s not quite like it was when I was a kid, where the streets were filled with dozens upon dozens of children in costume running about with glee going from house to house, it’s still an amazing thing to me. I love seeing whatever costumes we do get and I love wishing them all a Happy Halloween!

What are (or have) you done this year for Halloween? Did you dress up? Do you have a favorite memory regarding this glorious holiday?

--XOXO, Jane