Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Thankfulnes!

Well there is nothing quite like spending the majority of your birthday sick in bed. I really feel I could just lay right back down - get all snuggled right back in my covers, but I wanted to tend to the blog. Maybe I’m just too stubborn and determined, sitting up like this and slowly typing out an entry for the blog tonight. I have been a bit distracted in life the past few days and I don’t like going too long without posting up something on here…so without further ado (and despite feeling miserable today) here I go catching up on some more thankfulness!

November 09th)
I am thankful for “bags of crap”. LOL! Okay, seriously it’s what one of my best friends, Malice and I have referred to gift bags for one another over the years. Whenever we can do it, we like to get one another bags full of fun and cheesy little things filled inside. I got one this year as an early birthday present from her. It was fantastic; especially the room scented stuff that makes my bedroom now smells like apple cider. So yummy! LOL!

November 10th)
I am thankful for time with friends and family. Although last Saturday I had a nasty migraine, it did not stop me from getting out of the house and having a television show marathon with some friends. Also of course getting to see two of my nephews and one of my nieces was a big bonus as well! Despite the fact the night ended with everyone feeling pretty crappy, I always cherish my time with loved ones.

November 11th)
I am thankful for a comfortable bed! The best way to end a day (in my opinion anyways) is to crawl right into a comfortable bed. Get all snuggly with the covers and rest my head for the night. So yes, as silly as it may seem to some I am thankful for my comfortable bed!

November 12th)
I am thankful for even numbers! Oh yes, despite my being sick today I am happy to have turned 28! I don’t know why I’ve always had such an odd preference for even numbers, but I do. LOL! So yay for me on getting to be even once again!

Alright, I do believe my bed is calling for me again! I just had to pop on and catch up though with my November thankfulness. Of course I am still encouraging all of you to share what you’re thankful for! If you make a post on your blog link me, I don’t want to miss it!

--XOXO, Jane