Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yummy Snack

A treat that I’ve been introduced to by my mom, is popcorn and chocolate chips mixed together. There’s just something positively delightful to the taste buds about that combination. Although at times it’s good to mix the popcorn and chocolate chips in a bowl together, I personally enjoy keeping them separated. I’ll have my bowl of popcorn and a small bowl of chips sitting next to one another. Pluck a little from each and pop it all into my mouth for a delicious explosion of the flavors coming together. It’s definitely a great snack to have while watching a movie or one of my favorite television shows. I also enjoy sometimes having it near me just as I work on my writing or am doing things online in general.

Perhaps it’s not the best snack to indulge in when one is trying to lose weight, but I confess it’s been quite the craving for me lately. I swear it’s just been hitting the right spot upon consumption. Although I do try not to indulge my craving too badly, but I probably enjoyed it more in the last week then I should have. Oh heck, I’ll make another confession. I do indeed have some of this yummy treat beside me now. Yep. I got my bowl of popcorn and a smaller bowl with some chocolate chips right beside me. Delicious!

What is a yummy snack you enjoy?

--XOXO, Jane