Monday, November 7, 2011

Upcoming Birthday

Perhaps now is the time for me to let out some over exaggerated sigh. Lean into some archway and over dramatically throw wrist to forehead with a sad “whoa-is-me” type of gesture. Why the dramatics today? Well, my birthday is looming just around the corner; in fact it’s this coming Saturday – November 12th. It’s not that I dread getting older, I sort of embrace aging. Which may seem rather odd for a woman, but I do. Sure I have my days where I wish I could go back and start over at a much younger age, but over all I really like the idea of getting older. I’m not however looking forward to turning into an odd number. I’ll be 27 this year in case you’re curious and to be perfectly honest I would must rather just skip ahead and be 28. Okay, I guess this is where I take a pause and assure you that yes; I am a freak who prefers even numbers. Maybe that’s weird of me, but I’ve always just had a thing for even numbers. I don’t like being an odd number; I obviously deal with it as I have no choice, but none the less I would just skip ahead and be 28 already if I could choose to avoid being an uneven number.

Another thing I don’t like about knowing my birthday is approaching is I always get to thinking about what I haven’t accomplished in life. This year feels different though. Sure, I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be at this age. However, I feel more prepared now to get out of my comfort zone that has admittedly, caused myself to hold back from a lot in life. I guess in a lot of ways you could call me a late bloomer and someone who hasn’t exactly been the most friendly to change. That is something about myself I’ve always strongly disliked, but I’ve been working more progressively to change that about myself and just move forward. Now more then ever, I have much clearer goals and a much stronger frame of mind regarding what I want in life. I feel a lot more prepared to get off my butt and seriously work on conquering lifelong goals. Hard work is definitely the only way I can accomplish what I want to do and best believe I am ready to face it as much work as I need to. I know now more then ever that I just need to throw myself out there and not give up on myself. Which, I will now further admit of myself – I’ve done quite often in the past. I’ll also admit that I’ve battled depression, which most certainly has not been an easy thing to overcome in life. That though, shall be saved for discussion on another day. Today, we are discussing this upcoming odd numbered birthday.