Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Got The Boot!

Months of pain, swelling and misery upon my left ankle have finally come to an actual diagnosis! I’m not sprained, I don’t have arthritis or damage to my cartilage. Of course I naturally thank God for it not have been either of the latter to that list. I do however, have a severely torn tendon. It’s a pretty common thing to occur, more so with people who have flat feet. I don’t have flat feet, but I’m not going to question it any further. I’m just glad I don’t have to do another MRI and that there is an actual answer to the problems I have been experiencing in my ankle since the end of last fall/beginning of winter.

As you can see in the photo being shared, I have an ‘oh so stylish’ boot to wear now. I’ll have to wear this boot for six weeks. I am not to walk around unless I absolutely have to, as I must keep off my ankle as much as humanly possible. Fortunately I have a couple movies I’ve borrowed from a friend and some books to read. Unfortunately, I’m typically a semi-pretty-active person and well, it’s going to drive me crazy to be down so much.

The alternative though, is if I don’t take care of my ankle properly then I may have to look at surgery options and that just scares the BA-JEE-BUS right out of me! So I have definitely started praying that these next six weeks not only fly right on by, but also that this helps and that my ankle will show great improvement or at lease enough to avoid the need to discuss surgery by the time I see the foot/ankle specialist again on my follow up appointment.

--XOXO, Jane