Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Blog Milestone!

This time last year I made my very first blog entry. I officially opened up the doors (as it were) and my blog had begun. It’s almost funny, because this time last year I feel like I was in the same place. Pondering what this momentous entry should be like. You know, wanting to come up with those perfect awe inspiring words that will make any reader smile. Unfortunately, while I laugh at myself for the silliness of wanting to be perfect again exactly one year later… I do come to realize there are no perfect words to be said. As I feel so appreciative to everyone who has been so supportive of this blog. I can honestly say a year ago today, I did not think I would have a community attached. Nor did I feel even sure that my blog would last this long. I was in such a different place a year ago today.

Now I sit back and I think of all the bloggers who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, help explain and give tips throughout the year. I still feel like I’m learning many things in the blogging word as I go, but I have loved every minute of it. You know, I really do need to thank my friend Melly Belly for her help with introducing me to a wonderful site called The Blog Frog, as well as helping me with little technical matters over the past year as well. She’s been a wonderful support on that front! I also want to take a moment and thank all of my wonderful readers and visitors. You’re comments and encouragements have kept me going! I have really come to discover that I like blogging quite a bit. I love in fact. I find that as the year progressed I became more active on it. Okay the past couple summer months have been a little slow, but let’s hope for a turn around on that – yes? LOL!

Unfortunately, I do bring a bit of sad news. I am temporarily losing my domain name (janeridgewood.net), but you can still access the blog through the Blogger URL (janeridgewood.blogspot.com) and be able to access everything just the same as always! Quickly getting off that bit of sadness though, I would like to say thank you again to all of those who have been so supportive of this blog! I really appreciate the continued support I receive both on and off screen!

Have a beautiful day!

--XOXO, Jane