Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Friday Everyone!

Coffee is officially poured and now my mind can wake up! Okay, it's in the early afternoon so it seems a bit late to be waking up... but I have been in a fog since I crawled out of bed around ten this morning. No particular reason, I just think my bed had the right amount of comfort and my body was not wanting to part from those warm comforting blankets that had me so snug and tucked in. Oh yes, it was a morning when I peeked one eye over at the clock and mumbled against my pillow because indeed I could have slept all day long.

Now that I am up though...and the coffee has hit my system, I am happily plotting away today for the blog. I don't want to give anything away just yet, but I will say you all can expect a couple of weekly themed posts in the near future! Aside from that though, I must say it's a beautiful Friday. The world may not be perfect and life may have it's present challenges. However, there is so much to still be thankful for. Like for big brothers and today happens to be my big brother Tim's birthday! So if he catches this post - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! I love you and I thank God he gave me you as a brother!

It's also a day where I am feeling that motivation to get things done. Like, finally folding and putting away my clean laundry from yesterday's washing. I suppose I could blame the influence of growing up with older brothers and live out of my laundry basket until I run out of clean clothes again. However... I just can't honestly recall any of them actually having done that. Least not to my knowledge, LOL! So instead, I think I'll suck it up and stay on top of things this time around and get that laundry put away. With my ankle/boot scenario still going on I can't exactly do a whole lot of other physical activity unfortunately. Therefore my day will probably result in getting some writing done, getting some reading done and perhaps just relaxing in front of the television with a good movie on for viewing.

What are your plans for the day?

--XOXO, Jane