Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunny Day

I swear I could simply get lost in the amazing view out the window I’m sitting next to. The way the sunlight has decided to beam and cause the lake to endure a glittering effect, has most certainly captured me. While I fully admit I am a suburban/city girl I do enjoy a good country visit like this now and again. Letting Mother Nature take over the surround sound with birds and other sounds of nature, instead of noises I’m used to hearing. You know, like car horns, loud bass passing by and the occasional siren for example. It’s quite peaceful and serene out here. It’s a breath of fresh air as I embrace the much needed change of scenery. I’ll likely be here till the weekend and I know I’ve sort of neglected my blog, Facebook and Twitter…but how can you blame me? With a view like this it’s simply easy to get sidetracked with just soaking up the ambiance verses focusing on the internet.

There is a slight coolness to the air in the breeze coming off from the lake, but that doesn’t stop me from opening a window or stepping outside to simply soak it all in. Today’s weather is most certainly an upturn from yesterday. We had rain; hail and even some snow come down. Thankfully though, it didn’t stick and the sunshine is beaming out there today with big white fluffy clouds in the sky. They are almost like a picture out of a cheerful children’s storybook. I swear days like this I find myself feeling extra thankful for the beauty that surrounds us in this world.

--XOXO, Jane