Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Won A Hamper!

Okay, so I am pretty positive it’s a little silly to be as excited as I am over a hamper. I can’t help it though, since I won the lovely canvas hamper that arrived to me today from the Richly MiddleClass blog! I never win giveaways off blogs, I’m usually too late to sign up or just don’t qualify. LOL! So needless to say when I got my congratulatory e-mail letting me know I was one of the two winners to receive one of the canvas hampers, I was pretty darn excited. LOL! I shared the news with a few people I knew and spoke to that day. I was really looking forward to it and though I was unsure what color it would arrive, I really didn’t care. I just thought the image shown to display the canvas hamper on the Richly Middle Class blog were super cute looking. Plus, I was in a position where I could use an actual hamper, versus continuing to use the old heavy duty bulky plastic laundry basket I’ve had for years now. LOL! It’s definitely going to make things much easier for me to neatly organize myself better.

I haven’t tested my new hamper quite yet. I am though, in the process of re-organizing and re-arranging my bedroom/office today. So surely, it’s on the list to find the perfect spot for it and I will be putting it to good use very soon. Now maybe it’s silly, but I’m still feeling pretty giddy over the fact that I even won this hamper in the first place. Have you ever won from a giveaway off a blog? Did it leave you kind of excited for days? LOL!

Alright I’m ending this now, because I do need to get myself busy here! LOL! So a big thank you and shout out to the bloggers over at the Richly Middle Class blog! Thank you again!

--XOXO, Jane