Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Blooper

I honestly cannot recall coming across a book blooper before. Perhaps I have and just forgot about it, but most recently I’ve stumbled across a rather small one. I’ve been reading a book called ‘Angel’ by Nicole “Coco” Marrow (and Laura Hayden). It’s sort of a slow read…although many reviews I’ve read on it would suggest otherwise. Definitely a depends on your type of storyline or not. Now I am determined to finish the book, because a – I confess I like Coco and b – I actually want to know how it turns out. Plus I have to admit I’m rather amused to have found a blooper in a book. This just seems so much more fun than catching one in a movie or television show. Books don’t seem to very often have bloopers. Not that I want to encourage such a thing, but on the rare occasion one is found it’s a little amusing.

Anyways, while I was reading the other night right on page 96, I stumbled crossed a nice little blooper that my eyes took a second to catch.  Reading over the words it was clear the sentence was supposed to be, “then they have another thing coming.” What it read though was, “then they have another think coming.” Okay, easily it’s a small tiny little blooper. I am not faulting either author really, because how many of us haven’t made a type-o while writing? I’m a little surprised no editor had caught it, but as I mentioned it was tiny and it took me a second. I actually found myself reading it, then thinking – “Wait… what?” Re-reading it a couple times and then grabbing my camera to take the lovely snapshot you see attached to this post. You know I had to share this rarity, LOL! Have you ever caught a book blooper?

--XOXO, Jane