Friday, September 28, 2012

Betrayed Coffee for Tea!

It started off with an illicit affair with a nasty migraine. As the migraine seemed to be letting up (after about a week and a half of existing), a sinus infection – as I've self diagnosed – appeared encouraging me to have quite the scandalous affair against coffee, with tea. Yes for the past few days in particular I have been sipping hot tea with some honey mixed into it. It's been the savor to sooth what could have easily turned into a sore throat. Plus let's face it, the steam of a nice hot cup of tea is great to help clear the sinus passages. It's been dreadful spending the majority of the past two weeks in bed. On one hand, it helped pass by more time while I'm stuck off my feet and in this boot. On the other hand, I was feeling mostly miserable and would rather find other things to do to occupy my time then be in such a state.

Fortunately though, I woke up this morning feeling more like myself again. I am still just a little stuffy, not too badly. My throat is mostly feeling better and I am reunited with my lover, coffee. I am aware though, that while I happily sip along my cup of black coffee I will eventually, prepare myself another cup of tea today. Just to play it safe as I really would rather continue to soothe over any icky feeling in myself, verses suddenly jumping to life back to normal and turning around to feel worse than before. As that just feels like it would be my luck right now and well, I would much prefer to be an over all healthy woman once again.

So my apologies for being ultra quiet lately. Fighting migraines and sinus infections don't exactly put on in the mood (let alone give the energy) to blog. Although, neither of those issues have prevented me from putting a bit of creative thinking into things to include and add onto this blog. So now that I am on the mend, I think it's time to start getting stuff.

--XOXO, Jane