Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Again Old Hobby!

I don’t want to sound like a cliché here, but I feel as a venture further away from this sort of ‘dark cloud’ of depression I really do learn more of myself. That includes the fact that in part of my self-neglect during my darker days came with stepping away from one of my favorite hobbies. This epiphany actually struck me last Friday while I was out with a friend. I was waiting in her van at one point with her youngest son in the backseat and it had been raining, so there were drops along the windows. Upon glancing over the driver side window, I felt the inspiration to capture what I was seeing. So with that, I pulled out my camera and snapped a shot (as you can see) from inside the car. I’ve always had a favorable fascination towards drops like that on window panes. I love the rain as it is, but I find drops along a window pane like this to be so pretty to look at.

As I put away my camera it got me to thinking. Why am I not taking pictures as regularly as I used to? I can’t use the problems I’ve been experiencing with my ankle as an excuse. I’m not immobile. I can hobble outside and roam around the yard for various pictures. Or even take my camera along with me while I’m out of the house to snap random things as I used to. I also used to make one of my best friends model for me regularly – I think it’s time to get that going again if she’s up for it! LOL!

Photography has always been special to me. I was even once told by a few relatives of mine that I have my grandfather’s eye. My grandfather (on my dad’s side) was into photography heavily at one point in his life. Call it a biased perspective, but the man was brilliant with a camera. I don’t think I could ever do with film what he did, but it was beautiful. To this day I do have copies of some of his work that I cherish, including one big picture of my father as a toddler walking uphill through the snow. More recently one of my aunts commented to me via Facebook that I should stick with my photography.

So perhaps that’s why last Friday when I snapped the photo of raindrops that you see along with this post, it struck me…I really need to start nurturing myself better. Of course that goes beyond the health aspect of things. I really need to also nurture my personal interests and allowing more growth.

--XOXO, Jane