Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Time Already

It is just me or has this year been flying by already? I can hardly believe Easter is this Sunday! I can’t begin to express how much I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be traveling out of town to spend a little time with my mom and on Sunday, all three of my older brothers are scheduled to be there. Fingers are crossed it all works out! It’s been quite a long time since the four of us kids got together in one spot. LOL! Plus it would be great to see a bunch of my nieces and nephews! I know that likely sounds weird, but I am one of those people who are fortunate enough to have extremely close friends, whose children also know me as an aunt and whom I love just as much as the others. In total I am ‘aunt’ to eleven kids and if all works out I’ll get to see six of them on the fast approaching holiday! So my fingers are crossed and my spirits are up looking forward to having a nice Easter dinner this year with family.

One of my favorite parts about Easter though, I have to admit is the candy portion of the season. I swear my sweet tooth comes out full blast when I know that those yummy Cadbury Eggs have hit store shelves! Don’t get me wrong; in the Easter variety I do enjoy a good Peep now and again. I simply swear though that Cadbury eggs are as much of a weakness to me as a glazed donut from Meijer’s bakery. I love the original ones best, but caramel ones are quite a nice little treat to have as well. Of course I enjoy a variety of the sort, but as I said the original ones are best in my opinion. Although I haven’t been gorging myself in the sweets this year, I have enjoyed a handful already and plan to do another handful before they are gone until next year.

You know for a woman who wants to lose weight and get healthy, drooling over candy like this isn’t doing me any good. Nor is staring an egg down that I have placed near me to devour in just a moment. LOL! So moving on here while I anticipate the fun of the holiday to be had today is a day of getting things done. I’ve got a few things to accomplish before I leave town tomorrow. I’m also going to attempt to do a little research for a story idea I’ve been sitting on for a while now. Perhaps even squeeze in a little more plot time as well. Then it’s either tonight or tomorrow that I pack for my time away. Now to cut this real short, while it’s still early there are things to be done! I would love to hear from you though. What are your plans for this holiday season?

--XOXO, Jane