Friday, October 14, 2011

Taste Of Texas

It’s always a pleasure when the opportunity to open your ears to something new arrives. Whether that something new is from an up and coming artist who’s fresh out on the market, or someone that’s been on the music scene for awhile and you’ve only just discovered their sound. For me I’ve had the pleasure recently to stumble upon a Texas treasure known as P.J. Price, with her smooth vocal style and country sound. To me her style feels like an old school basic country. It’s not oversold with the pop culture that seems to be seeping into mainstream country over the past decade. P.J. certainly provides a real vibe in her music style that you can leave you doing a small toe tap or just sit back and relax with. While she’s most certainly not the mainstream type, with two albums under her belt she’s definitely earned her awards on the independent music scene. Her self titled debut album released in 1994 earned her awards including “Album of the Year” and “Best Female Indie of the Year” of that same year with the European Country Music Association. With the success of her album, Miss Price was not only able to partake in a large European tour, but also broke ground as an independent artist for being first to have four of her singles from the debut album circulate in the Top 20 at the same time with the ‘European – American – Asian Entertainment Network’ charts. It certainly is no surprise though that her album took on such recognition when you open your ears and really listen to this woman belt out her songs. Most of which she wrote herself.