Monday, July 23, 2012

Good In Bed - Or Not So Much?

Have you ever read a book that, well as much as you liked it you just didn’t? That’s what I unfortunately had occur when I cracked opened a copy of ‘Good In Bed’ by Jennifer Weiner.

The lead character Candace “Cannie” Shapiro is a successful entertainment journalist living in Philadelphia. She’s intelligent, smart, quick with a comeback and yet still very insecure about her figure, as well as what others may think of her family’s drama as it were. I was under the impression that this book featured this late twenties plus sized character, coming into her own skin. Pushing those insecurities aside and learning to let go of what other people think of her. Now as cliché as this sounds, that actually caught my interest. Being an overweight woman in my late twenties, I felt intrigued to read the story that has so many raved reviews surrounding it.

Unfortunately, as I begun to read I found myself both feeling for and yet kind of disliking the main character in question. She was definitely amusing when she wanted to be, mostly confident in her work – and hey, how could I not appreciate a writer for a lead character? Cannie Shapiro however, to me at least, came across rather whiney and a little too hung up over her ex-boyfriend. I could get past the obsession of losing weight and getting fit. I however felt I had to push myself to continue to read, as she seemed unhealthily hooked on her ex-boyfriend. A man named Bruce, who’s also a journalist. He works for a women’s magazine (Moxie) and writes a rather personal article, divulging their past sex life and relationship details for thousands of readers to enjoy.

Total jerk type, right? Yes. Yet our heroine seems to only turn around after article one and become rather obsessive on getting back together with the man who humiliates her. Perhaps again, I just can’t relate to the situation in the main character’s storyline. Or maybe I feel as if I was a friend to this character I would shake her until she came to her senses. Either way, it made Cannie lose compassion points with me. Don’t get me wrong though, because I didn’t find this novel to be a total flop. As mentioned after all, I felt as much as I didn’t like it – I did like it. I did like that she really did come into her own skin in due time. Accepted herself as she was and despite a very traumatic experience (that I’ll leave out of this, as to not spoil it for those who haven’t read yet), found herself. I did like how she interacted with her friends and how realistic her feelings in ways did come off. I enjoyed the way the author wrote for the most part – though a couple pages I found myself re-reading, as there is a bit of present day to history switch ups that didn’t quite transition smoothly.

Now I have to say, I was both pleased where the story ended and yet…felt the way it was worded, made it seem a bit flat. I personally feel it could have used a little more depth and detail. It just seemed to abruptly stop as if the author was only allotted so many words and had hit her max. Jennifer Wiener does however; seem to overall be a good writer. I have to say, this book’s downfalls (that I felt I found) don’t stop me from wanting to read more books from the author. I keep in mind this was the author’s first book and clearly the woman is talented. I just have to honestly admit, I don’t quite agree with all the raved reviews I read on this one.

--XOXO, Jane

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Little Note

Putting on the positive cap, before I attempt to crawl myself back into bed. I’ve been sick the last few days, hit me out of nowhere. Woke up Thursday morning with my throat feeling absolutely miserable! So that day I pretty much spent the whole day in bed. Friday I was starting to feel better, but Saturday I was definitely feeling much better! Here it is, in the wee hours of Sunday and I’m still feeling much better aside from a little cough that just won’t shake away fast enough. LOL!

What have I been doing these past few days when I wasn’t sleeping it off? I was enjoying a Supernatural marathon at my own speed. For those times I couldn’t fall back asleep, but felt too miserable to get up to do anything I popped in the DVDs I’m borrowing from a friend and enjoyed the show. I’m obviously behind given I only started watching the show this year. LOL! Presently, I’m almost done with season six and am hoping to get in season seven before eight hits television. We’ll see though. This show’s become a personal favorite, even if I am behind in the seasons.

I still need to play catch up, but in all fairness I was not expecting to get sick. Then again, I don’t think any of us really expect to get sick. Either way, I am going to push myself back into gear. Time to get the coffee and brain brewing once again!

--XOXO, Jane

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time To Catch Up!

Goodness sakes! Where did the time go by? I swear this month is just flying by me. I can’t believe I actually haven’t written on here since the fourth! It’s like I’ve known and had things to write about for the blog, but my mind has been everywhere. I have had some opportunities come up recently, which yes has caused me to be a little busier than usual. However, I still have enough time to write on here. I just think my brain has been a little scattered and focused on so much else going on. Shame on me! My apologizes to all my regular visitors – and even the ones who just stumble on now and again or are brand new to my blog here.

Well let’s see, what has been going on? I have such a strong support beam behind me right now as I move forward in my life. Not going to turn back to depression or anxiety issues. I will fight tooth and nail if necessary to keep myself focused to a more positive and productive path. I am so thankful to so many people right now it isn’t even funny. I would be lost without the supportive guidance around me and I just can’t thank people enough. I am hoping to start some GED classes in the near future. Hopefully sometime this week I’ll be able to attain a little more information about those. Of course once GED is done, then it’s on to some type of college to pursue web and graphic design. Yes I want to be a writer, but it never hurts to make sure that backup plan is good to go, right?

My ankle has been getting better. It’s been a slow healing process, but it’s getting there. I can walk comfortably without the air splint on, as long as I keep the ace-wrap on. It’s when I take the ace wrap off I find myself having more pains come on a little quicker compared to when it’s on. The swelling has gone done quite a bit though and sometimes even looks like my normal ankle again! LOL! I haven’t gone back to my mile walks yet, partially because of this never ending heat wave and partially because I really do want to wait until my ankle is completely healed before I start up again.

I do have some specific topics in mind for posts. So hopefully I can get back on track with a steady stream of posts. I think I just need to suck down a little more coffee and schedule out some ‘blogging world’ time a bit better. Not allow myself to be so gold fish brained and really focus again! Thank you to all my visitors/readers both old and new for your patience! Let us hope (and presume) another two weeks won’t pass by before I post again.

--XOXO, Jane

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

It’s been 236 years now since the United States officially declared independence! Now I know I’ve said this before…and I assure you this won’t be the last time, but I am definitely not only proud, but humbled to say that I am an American. Words just don’t do it justice with how blessed I truly feel for the rights and freedoms I have in this country. For the men and women who have fought, and who presently fight for this amazing country. Each and every single one of them holds a special place in my heart.

Now for me this year, my celebrating plans have been limited. I didn’t make it to the parade earlier due to this massive heat wave (not trying to end up in the hospital) and my still sprained ankle. I am however planning on hobbling out to the front yard tonight though for at least a little while to see if I can spot any fireworks. Last year I was able to see some big ones from a display not too terribly far from the house. Granted, there was a bit of tree interference with my view, but I may again attempt to watch this year.

Okay, now to ask a favor to anyone who is playing outdoors in this massive heat wave, please drink plenty of water! Keep yourself hydrated. Heat strokes are no fun – let me assure you of that! Also if you’re setting off fireworks in your driveways or even out on the street, please keep a running hose to really make sure all fireworks get put out. This dry heat has me feeling a bit paranoid this year, with all the fires already featured on the news that are suspect of being or outright known to have been caused by fireworks.

Other than that, I do want to wish all my fellow Americans a wonderful and Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have been enjoying the day celebrating our great country and continue to enjoy it!

--XOXO, Jane

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last night as I laid my head down along my pillow, closed my eyes and felt the sandman’s magic kicking in I had a sudden idea. My eyes opened and I laid on my back staring up into my darkened room. I thought of this idea all around, how I word it and really just everything to how I would title the blog post. I was so pleased and excited about this idea. I had it down and I knew that this idea was what today’s post would be about. It was going to be brilliant – or well, as brilliant as I could make it.

So I went to sleep, feeling quite satisfied that I had my idea. When I woke up, it was gone. I woke in my usual slightly groggy state stumbling around to my usual routine in how I start my day. Well, a hobble stumble thanks to the splint. Anyways, it was when I was brushing my teeth did my mind start to wake a little more and I realized my ‘oh so wonderful post idea’ was just gone. It was gone like a puff of smoke that quickly evaporates in the air. I couldn’t believe it, I had lost my idea.

I rinsed, spit and proceeded to get ready for my day. All the while, I was simply racking my brain for this idea. Trying to put the pieces together and replaying my actions around it popping into my head. It however was gone. The train of thought over it had derailed somewhere along the way and it was no longer accessible. So here I am, learning my lesson. I really need to keep a pen and notepad next to my bed on the nightstand. For when the next time I have such a fantastic idea that has be ready to write, I can jot down my idea, before it leaves me.

How have I not learned this lesson yet? Lord only knows, but I’ve learned it now and I really do intend to keep a way to record these little inspirational ideas for posts at all times from now on.

--XOXO, Jane