Sunday, August 14, 2011

What’s Perfection Any Old Way?

Perfect. The word stands alone for meaning something that seems so unattainable in the broader sense of things. Of course as individuals it’s often easy to have our own version of perfection in life. To make our own guidelines to what makes something so ‘perfect’ in our eyes. Unfortunately, sometimes we strive so hard for that level of perfection that we refuse to allow the natural course of trial and error to enter willingly in our lives. That refusal can only cause more error in the long haul as inevitably, it’s completely unavoidable. We all make mistakes and we all must either choose whether or not we learn from them as we go along. It’s not always easy to swallow these potential mistakes, but it’s something all humans have in common – whether one wants to admit that or not. I personally have sat down so many times within the last week wanting to write up the “perfect” first entry for this new website of mine. I wanted to broadcast this awe inspiring clear message of revelations, reflections and readiness. A how I got to this point in my life and why writing is so important to me type of tale. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion it is best to swallow down my prideful moment and accept that any readers I may attain on this journey of mine may not always get “perfection” from me. I am human after all – and though I have been writing for many years now, I still make plenty of mistakes.

Furthermore, I have come to a personal conclusion that if I am going to share my journey with anyone who is so sweet enough to tag along for the ride and support my dreams, I am definitely going to be very honest of myself. I just don’t think a personal tale written in such a way and extent I was originally striving for, would be me. I’m a woman with errors. I have plenty of flaws and I’m not afraid to admit that. To write something to the best of my ability (striving hard for perfection) that isn’t about me personally is one thing, but when I write these more personal entries – well, I just need to be me. People are going to either like me and my writing or they simply won’t. Either way I feel blessed to be in this position I am. To be in a spot where I feel so ready to finally take a serious step in my efforts and really put myself out there for the world to read. Writing most certainly is a passion in my life and I definitely strive to become the best writer I can be. However, I am not delusional in really believing that I could never make a mistake. I like to think I could write in a perfectionist way all the time, but I am indeed human. Therefore that lovely thought of being “perfect” while sharing something with readers on a personal level such as this, has just simply been shot down the drain. So I welcome you with this first post in my little corner of the World Wide Web and to my world of being imperfect!

-XOXO, Jane


  1. nice intro ^_^ *applauds*

    not 'poifect' but very cozy opening.