Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coffees & Tractors

Only in the country will you see what I did yesterday early afternoon. I was still out of town and the sun seemed to be shining down for a moment. I happened to look out to capture the beautiful gaze of the lake across the street from where I was staying; when my gaze was captured by something you just don’t see every day. Well, not if you live in the suburb/city like me. I must say the sight I saw amused the heck out of me and caused me to laugh, because all I could think is that if I was a country girl I would probably be doing the same exact thing at one point or another. There is just nothing like looking out the window, to let your eyes be greeted with the sight of someone riding her tractor down the road casually with one hand on the wheel and the other hand holding a coffee.

Now I’m sure to many out there this may not seem unusual or strange. Heck, you may even find it more boring like an ever day occurrence and not so amusing. However, to a city chick like myself I admit I had to laugh. I sort of knew the woman driving her tractor down the road just from a couple happenstance meetings on my ventures out of town in the past. However, I just didn’t feel right or comfortable enough to snap a shot of her to share on here. Let alone actually just go on outside to ask her to take her photo while she was on the tractor with her coffee like that. She probably would have looked at me like I was completely nuts if I did. All well, the image of her will be imprinted on my memory for some time I’m sure. I swear though if I ever see someone getting around the Grand Rapids area on a tractor like that I will definitely have to take a photo to share. That would just be far too amusing and unusual for these parts.

--XOXO, Jane


  1. I live in the country and often see people driving tractors, but they don't usually have a cup of coffee in their hand at the same time.

    Most unusual, and I agree with you - I would also not have taken a photo either.

    1. Where I live, it’s definitely not a regular thing to see people driving tractors down the road. It’s one of those things I know happens in certain areas, but just not something I’m used to seeing. The coffee was a definite added bonus to the sight.