Saturday, May 5, 2012

How It Went

Let me start this off by stating I have a wonderful doctor. Not only is she easy to get along with, but I definitely feel comfortable in her office. That most certainly helped me get through and survive the dreaded physical which included testing that all women go through. It was my first time getting a particular test, which again for a woman my age is unusual. All well, I was told everything looked good (though test results aren’t in yet) and that I did very well for someone who hadn’t had it done before. I got to admit, I mentally gave myself a little pat on the back for not flying off the exam table and freaking out. I just breathed through the discomfort and joked with my doctor and the nurse.

It was overall a very informative appointment. I got the results of my blood work and it turns out, I’m “pre-diabetic”. Which basically means while my sugar and other levels all are in the normal range; it does appear I’m headed down the path to being diagnosed diabetic if I don’t do something about it. I got information to read up on and it’s definitely time to start making more changes to my diet…and definitely time to get off my butt and start working out regularly again! I don’t want to become diabetic and unfortunately, my chances are quite high. So it’s definitely time to continue this proactivity with my health and take all the steps I can to adjust my lifestyle to a healthier one.

Now the downfall to the appointment had to go to the lab in the same building, to get more blood work done. That’s three Friday’s in a row of having to get poked with a needle! My doctor was at least sympathetic, but given I brought up an ongoing issue with my left ankle she wants to cover all the bases of what it could be. So I did also find myself getting an X-Ray done for my ankle as well. I’ve been dealing with a lot of on again, off again odd pains and swelling in my left ankle for months now and hopefully I’ll be able to get some answers once all the results are in. Overall though I got to say my afternoon at the doctor’s wasn’t the nightmare my over-dramatic subconscious made it out to be. LOL!

On a final note, I did also have it recommended that I take a Vitamin D supplement. Something over the counter will work, but as it turns out while my potassium level did read out normal, my Vitamin D level did read as being a little low. It’s nothing terribly uncommon from what my doctor said, especially for a Michigander. Maybe it would be more alarming if I lived in a sunnier state. Though I have to say even on our sunny days, going outside in the sun isn’t exactly my personal idea of a good time. Maybe that though is more due to having had a heatstroke in the past. The sun and I are not buddies to say the least, LOL! So step 1, get myself some Vitamin D and step 2, get off my butt and workout!

Thank you for all the wishes of luck I received over my appointment yesterday!

--XOXO, Jane


  1. I'll have to snag you one of these mornings and drag you to the "Y" with me.