Saturday, June 23, 2012

Diagnoses Ankle

It started months ago, towards the end of fall – beginning of winter time frame. I went to bed just fine and woke up with an agonizing pain in my left ankle. All these months later I have remained in pain. Some days are worse than others. Back when I had my physical weeks ago, I ended up getting an X-Ray done for my left ankle after bringing the pain back to my doctor’s attention. At that point I was tested for arthritis and everything came back clear. The pain continued and seemed to have progressively gotten worse over the weeks since my appointment. The ankle even became more sensitive as time went on. The lightest brush of anything against my ankle is enough to make me want to cry out in pain. The swelling has been pretty bad as well, but it was the odd tightening feeling (with excruciating pain) in the back of my ankle late the other night that led me to calling my doctor’s office yesterday.

After describing the symptoms of my ankle to the nurse at my doc’s office, I was told to go into Urgent Care. The nurse said it sounded like it could possibly be a blood clot (those do run in my family), but I was pretty positive it wasn’t and as I had things to do yesterday, I procrastinated myself to going today. So this afternoon my older brother Tim was sweet enough to drive me over and sit with me while my ankle was examined. The doctor at Urgent Care examined me and I swear I nearly jumped off the exam table when she moved my ankle. I didn’t know, but it was very clear where exactly the pain was coming from. It really didn’t take too long for her to come to a conclusion of what’s wrong with me.

The diagnosis is that I have a sprained ankle. I learned it’s possible I twisted or sprained it somehow in my sleep the night prior to my waking up with sudden pain. Then all this time has passed and I’ve continued to do as I normally do with getting around. I also did start those mile walks that now have to come to a stop. Granted, with the heat wave I haven’t been out there risking my health on the long walks, but it’s time to take a pause from them even if the weather cools off for the next few weeks. As you can see in the picture I’m attaching to this post I have an air splint on over an ace-wrap. Pardon the slightly fuzzy legs; I didn’t have a chance to re-shave prior to going in today. Anyways, I was told to take it easy. No long walks, running or jumping – not that I really did the latter of those things, but still. I need to keep my ankle elevated and take it easy. It’s estimated to be healed in about 3 – 6 weeks, let’s hope it doesn’t take that long!

Really as much as I’m bummed that I have a sprained ankle, I am thankful to finally know why it’s been hurting like it has. It’s nothing like when I sprained my right ankle two years ago (though that was a different happening all together). I’m also pretty thankful I don’t have to use crutches and that I can walk some to get myself around as I need to.

--XOXO, Jane


  1. Ugh - no fun. Hope it heals quickly!

    Now following you from SITS. Cheers!

    1. No fun indeed! Thank you very much Charlene! :)