Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh My Road Kill!!

Tonight is a night I feel I should mark the calendar for. I experience my first… accidently creating road kill. Shall we call it that? While heading back to my house after running a quick errand with my friend Cuddle Monkey, we hit a possum! She was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We saw it last second and she tried her best to stop. Unfortunately we heard a loud thunk like noise hit up under her van. We are letting ourselves be as delusional as we can over the matter, as we both wanted to just cry our eyes out right then and there.

So our delusion was first by her suggestion that it just hit its head and walked it off. Our second delusion was my suggestion of that the possum got mad and just threw a rock up at us. She then proceeded to suggest that it just smacked its tail and I concluded the thought that it was very strong. See, not completely unrealistic ideas of what happened to the possum, right? Okay…maybe they are a bit unrealistic, but let’s just pretend it ended up being one of those scenarios, so my friend and I don’t end up crying our eyes out over our first (yes it was her first as well) road kill creation.

It was absolutely heart breaking though. Right before the van went over the possum, it was like it stopped and stared at us for that quick split second of time. She really did try to stop. It didn’t help we saw it so last minute and there was a vehicle behind us. Okay, okay… I’m going back to the land of delusion and assuring myself (and her) that the possum is okay! It was his tail. He was really strong and mad that we were going over him, so he just smacked the underneath of the van with his tail and walked away just fine.

--XOXO, Jane


  1. He is at home reading Possum Weekly. The main article reads... HIT AND RUNS - NOT IF - BUT WHEN

    1. LMAO!! I totally just envisioned a cartoon possum kicking back in his lazy boy with Possum Weekly in paws. That’s hilarious and also much better then presuming the possum is dead. LOL!