Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last night as I laid my head down along my pillow, closed my eyes and felt the sandman’s magic kicking in I had a sudden idea. My eyes opened and I laid on my back staring up into my darkened room. I thought of this idea all around, how I word it and really just everything to how I would title the blog post. I was so pleased and excited about this idea. I had it down and I knew that this idea was what today’s post would be about. It was going to be brilliant – or well, as brilliant as I could make it.

So I went to sleep, feeling quite satisfied that I had my idea. When I woke up, it was gone. I woke in my usual slightly groggy state stumbling around to my usual routine in how I start my day. Well, a hobble stumble thanks to the splint. Anyways, it was when I was brushing my teeth did my mind start to wake a little more and I realized my ‘oh so wonderful post idea’ was just gone. It was gone like a puff of smoke that quickly evaporates in the air. I couldn’t believe it, I had lost my idea.

I rinsed, spit and proceeded to get ready for my day. All the while, I was simply racking my brain for this idea. Trying to put the pieces together and replaying my actions around it popping into my head. It however was gone. The train of thought over it had derailed somewhere along the way and it was no longer accessible. So here I am, learning my lesson. I really need to keep a pen and notepad next to my bed on the nightstand. For when the next time I have such a fantastic idea that has be ready to write, I can jot down my idea, before it leaves me.

How have I not learned this lesson yet? Lord only knows, but I’ve learned it now and I really do intend to keep a way to record these little inspirational ideas for posts at all times from now on.

--XOXO, Jane


  1. Once, i had perfect description... it was so perfect, awesome, terrifying. It was supreme perfection and i literally shivered and was frightned by my own thought.

    The next day

    I lost it...

    It still kills me, i think about it often.

    1. Oh I so seriously feel your pain of that! I hate when that happens.