Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time To Catch Up!

Goodness sakes! Where did the time go by? I swear this month is just flying by me. I can’t believe I actually haven’t written on here since the fourth! It’s like I’ve known and had things to write about for the blog, but my mind has been everywhere. I have had some opportunities come up recently, which yes has caused me to be a little busier than usual. However, I still have enough time to write on here. I just think my brain has been a little scattered and focused on so much else going on. Shame on me! My apologizes to all my regular visitors – and even the ones who just stumble on now and again or are brand new to my blog here.

Well let’s see, what has been going on? I have such a strong support beam behind me right now as I move forward in my life. Not going to turn back to depression or anxiety issues. I will fight tooth and nail if necessary to keep myself focused to a more positive and productive path. I am so thankful to so many people right now it isn’t even funny. I would be lost without the supportive guidance around me and I just can’t thank people enough. I am hoping to start some GED classes in the near future. Hopefully sometime this week I’ll be able to attain a little more information about those. Of course once GED is done, then it’s on to some type of college to pursue web and graphic design. Yes I want to be a writer, but it never hurts to make sure that backup plan is good to go, right?

My ankle has been getting better. It’s been a slow healing process, but it’s getting there. I can walk comfortably without the air splint on, as long as I keep the ace-wrap on. It’s when I take the ace wrap off I find myself having more pains come on a little quicker compared to when it’s on. The swelling has gone done quite a bit though and sometimes even looks like my normal ankle again! LOL! I haven’t gone back to my mile walks yet, partially because of this never ending heat wave and partially because I really do want to wait until my ankle is completely healed before I start up again.

I do have some specific topics in mind for posts. So hopefully I can get back on track with a steady stream of posts. I think I just need to suck down a little more coffee and schedule out some ‘blogging world’ time a bit better. Not allow myself to be so gold fish brained and really focus again! Thank you to all my visitors/readers both old and new for your patience! Let us hope (and presume) another two weeks won’t pass by before I post again.

--XOXO, Jane