Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh Lucie Goosy

Is it strange to feel so sad and torn up over the loss of another person’s pet? I’ve asked this question a few times to those around me and each time I was told no. Lucie was a special Yorkie that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these past few years. I’ve house/dog sat for her owners a handful of times now, watching her and her brother Ricky (a Pomeranian). Lucie was always my little buddy when I was staying at the house with them. She followed me everywhere and even slept with me at nighttime. Granted, she would wake me up between 5:00AM and 6:00AM every morning to be let out, but despite my extra sleepy state I could never be mad at her for it. I thought it was brilliant she let me know when she needed to be let out. One of my favorite memories of this loveable little life-force though, is whenever she wanted to play she would grab her favorite pink squeaky ball and bring it close to me. Put it down on the ground and look up to me, giving little light barks to catch my attention. The barks of course got louder and more consistent if I didn’t get right down on the floor to play with her when she was ready. She was a funny little dog and knew how to make those of us she liked, feel special. Lucie also had the cutest little smirk I ever did see on a dog’s face.

Unfortunately, Lucie had been suffering from pancreatic issues. The last time I stayed with the dogs, there was a special medication to give her in case of an episode. There were signs I had to watch out for and sadly, signs I believe I started to witness. Fortunately she didn’t have a full on attack, I stayed right on top of things with her giving her a pill on the few occasions it seemed she was about to have problems. It was also fortunate that I have so many good memories with Lucie. From times I stayed overnight, to times I was simply out that way and stopped by to help out with the little dogs. Tragedy struck back on July 26th. She was brought into the emergency vet and unfortunately she passed. They were able to diagnose that the pancreatic issues she had were actually cancerous and it sadly it went to her brain. I cannot deny that I am still devastated by the loss of this little dog. She wasn’t MY dog, but she was such a special little pup in my life. Definitely one that has left a positive impression on my life and one I had a bond with.

She was a beautiful little dog inside and out, and she will definitely be missed.

--XOXO, Jane

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