Monday, September 3, 2012

The Versatile Award

A big thank you to Vickilicious over at The Greek Housewife blog for this second award of mine! I cannot believe she was so gracious to give me two awards. I practically feel speechless with all the extra attention my blog has been receiving lately and I am so happy to participate in these blog awards floating around. I definitely feel blessed to be circled in with a cluster of such talented bloggers out there. I so greatly appreciate beyond words how supportive and loving a lot of my fellow bloggers have really been with me and others around them as well.

So getting to the award, it’s called the Versatile Blogger. It’s an award being passed around to recognize budding talent in bloggers! I am so thrilled to not only receive, but to pass this one out as well!

The Rules For The Versatile Blogger Award:
01: Add the award to your blog.
02: Thank the person who presented it to you.
03: List seven random facts about yourself.
04: List the rules.
05: Pass the award onto seven other bloggers.
06: Inform each blogger they won by commenting on their blog.

Here are some more random facts about me!
01 – I enjoy cooking, especially when I’m cooking for others.
02 – I’m a big fan of Janis Joplin’s music! Love her voice!
03 – I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting author Kim Harrison.
04 – I’ve officially been in two of the five great lakes!
05 – I was born in Holland, Michigan.
06 – I don’t believe in limiting myself creatively.
07 – I’ve just recently experienced and enjoy my first manicure.

Now for the lovely blogs I am passing this award right onto!

Thank you again to Vickilicious! I definitely encourage everyone to check out her blog, as well as the ones I’ve just passed this award along to!

--XOXO, Jane Ridgewood


  1. Congratulations again! The great lakes are five? I thought it was Huron, Michigan and Eerie (is the spelling correct?)

    1. Thank you again! Yes there are five. They are… Michigan, Huron, Eerie, Superior and Ontario. I’ve been in both Michigan and Huron! :D

  2. Congrats! And thanks for including me in the list of awesome blogs you've passed it on too!

    1. Thank you very much and you are quite welcome! :D

  3. Thank you Jane and I wish you a speedy recovery!
    I also posted about Versatile Blog Award :)

    1. Thank you very much Selma! On my way now to check out your post!! :D