Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Yoga = No Food

Sometimes in life we have to learn the hard way. That was such a case with me today. Prior to doing a yoga session with one of the DVDs I’ve got, I had nothing to eat. It wasn’t that I intentionally starved myself or anything drastic, I simply hadn’t gotten around to it and well… didn’t think eat before yoga. Also, I made the mistake of only drinking a little coffee. You see, as much as I love my coffee I have to admit it’s not always enough to make my body go. However prior to doing yoga today I didn’t think it would be horrible. So with practically nothing in my system, I went on and rolled out my yoga mat. I popped in the DVD and began my yoga workout.

It was strange because while this was only the second time I’ve attempted yoga, I struggled from the beginning. It was not like the first time through at all. About midway through the hour long workout I found myself getting a little dizzy and even nauseated. I actually stopped moved into a “childlike” stretch pose and concentrated on my breathing. I had to move a little bit from that pose and sit up and just really concentrate on breathing for the dizziness and nausea both to pass. When it came close to the ‘cool down’ portion of the yoga session, I slowly began to participate in the moves again, but I was moving at a slightly slower pace.

As you’ve likely gathered here, my lesson of the day was to make sure I am well-nourished before doing yoga. No I don’t plan to eat right before, but I will have more in my system then a spot of coffee!

--XOXO, Jane


  1. Definitely need to eat before any exercise, even yoga.
    I have low blood sugar, and there have been times I've been nauseous when working out -- I've been told to eat something with protein before hand and drink watered down juice instead of just water while doing a strenuous workout.

    1. Watered down juice? Not going to lie, that sounds kind of gross to me, but something I may give a shot. While I don’t have low blood sugar issues I don’t mind taking precautions prior to working out. Thanks for the tip!