Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh Kim Harrison!

“It’s a bit quirky.” Those were the words I heard from author Kim Harrison herself, in regards to the first novel of The Hollows (also known as the Rachel Morgan) series. This of course came after I admitted fully to her that I was a new reader, or about to be one as I sat next to her at the book singing she had here in Grand Rapids back in March with my sister-in-law Mel - who is a big fan of Kim’s. On the way to the signing Mel had filled me in on bits and pieces with the series. Needless to say I became quite intrigued. I’m a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre. Upon arriving to the bookstore, my big sissy surprised me with buying me a copy of that first book to the series, Dead Witch Walking. So as I sat during the portion of the signing where Kim Harrison read a page from the latest book of the series that she was promoting, followed with her Q&A portion with the crowd, I sat in awe. I was completely excited not only to be getting to check out a new (or at least new to me) series, but having the opportunity to meet an author. To meet someone, who is standing in the position I dream of being in someday.

Meeting her was wonderful. I was totally upfront and honest that I hadn’t read any of her work yet, but I was
definitely looking forward to it. She was so polite and so was her husband, who after hearing I was a newbie to the work of his wife said “We need to get a picture with the new reader for the website.” So yes, I am actually featured on her site in the post about that particular signing! It’s funny though, as excited as I was when I left there by the time I was able to pick up the book to start reading I had suddenly felt nervous. Here I was, silly me, having met the author of this signed book in my hands and I felt nervous. Mostly because I thought, what if I don’t like it? I was so glad to have squashed that question down right as I opened the book and began to allow myself to fall into the storyline. Harrison is a brilliant writer! I immediately felt the pull and enjoyment of how she wrote her story. I also, immediately found myself completely pulled into the plot and reading each night I cracked open the book until my eyes were burning from exhaustion! I had a hard time putting this one down.

In Dead Witch Walking, Rachel Morgan is introduced on the job for the Inderland Security (I.S.) agency. It is
of course also noted that she herself is an “inderlander” due to her being a witch. She quits her job, right along with a fellow I.S. Runner, a living vampire (Ivy) whom the agency blamed Rachel for losing. A death threat gets put out on Morgan and it’s from there the earth witch’s adventures begin. She goes through quite the turn of events all the way through the book. It’s a definite must read if you’re a fan of the Urban Fantasy genre. Moran battles with fairies, demons and a Trent Kalamack - just to name a few. With Ivy by her side, along with her pixy partner and friend Jenks it certainly makes for a great read as Rachel Morgan has to face hurdles while trying to find a way to end the death thread on her life. Want to know how it plays out? Well, you’re just going to have to pick up a copy of the book and read for yourself. Harrison writes this story flawlessly in my opinion, in a way that can keep a reader on the edge of their seat and ready for more. I am most definitely going to have to pick up a copy of the next book and continue this series!

Oh Kim Harrison, you have earned yourself another fan and she’s recommending your book to everyone!

--XOXO, Jane

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