Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time To Brainstorm Again

There’s always a different feeling when you use someone else’s computer. The screen is different, the keyboard. Just everything about it feels different and almost weird. Or maybe that’s just me. Presently, as the wireless connection is not quite hooked up with my laptop yet I am using my mom’s computer for the moment. It’s weird not having my files right on hand. Weird not sitting where or how I normally do with my laptop when I write anything. However it is actually kind of nice though. I mean, aside from feeling grateful to be able to peek online at certain things and get a new post written up. I’m also finding it nice in regards to being able to peek at my layouts.

Yes I know it wasn’t that long ago I redid my whole color scheme between this site, as well as my Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s just that now that I’m really looking at the differences of appearances between my own screen and someone else’s, I’m seeing a lot that could be touched up better. I’m also seeing that my color scheme doesn’t appear quite the same on my mom’s computer as it does my own. So it gets me to wonder how does it look for other people as well? I’m definitely going to be working in the very near future to conceive a better scheme. Don’t get me wrong; I know my blog isn’t about design. It’s about my life and sharing some of my writing work on here. It’s probably not expected of me to have some wonderful layout, but I want one anyways. I want a good easy on the eyes, easy to maneuver (in case a visitor isn’t the most web-savvy) kind of layout.

I guess in short this means I’m going back to the drawing board. I have some brainstorming to do on how I want things set up, as well as how I want them to look across the board. I’m also working on tag categories, as I’ve noticed a lot of blogs tend to use them and I probably should follow suit with that concept. Maybe it’ll add better convenience for readers to surf around here if I add them. I’m also going to be working on updating my ‘about’ page better as well. I’ve been a little distracted from it since I last went to update it. More in store for sure, but in the meantime I shall continue to post on here as frequently as I can. Just don’t be too surprised when you start seeing some layout changes taking place. ;)

--XOXO, Jane


  1. I sympathize. I've got a new blog for myself, really... myself this time... and I'm trying hard to find a theme and scheme that fits for me.

    I like the color scheme you have here but understand if it's not exactly what you were going for. Just remember, the color could look slightly off from one computer to the next.

    Since I know your one computer is portable, maybe what you could do is use both at one time and find something that looks appealing to you on both computers?

    Love ya! Sending mom my love too.

    1. I’m so excited you decided to do a blog for yourself! I look forward to seeing it when you’re ready to share. :D

      Choosing colors and themes is always a challenge. I think I’m stuck where I like what I have, but I don’t at the same time. LOL! Yes I know, unfortunately it can’t look the same on all screens, but I do plan to work off both at some point – or at least work from two screen POV’s when I sit down to mess with layout stuff.

      Love ya too!! Mom sends her love as well!