Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Because I Got Erased

Okay…the lawn care guys have totally erased me. I had it all set out during my walk on what I was going to talk about on the blog today. I came in, hopped in the shower and got dressed knowing how I was going to write it all out. It wasn’t going to be about my walk again, but the topic is now erased. As when I sat down with my coffee and got ready to type they startled me with the sudden loud noises of the riding lawnmower and weed whackers they use. Whatever it was, hopefully it’ll come back to me. If not, guess it just wasn’t meant to be discussed on my blog. Sigh. The joys of living in a rental property…all well, at least I don’t have to do the yard work here! That’s a big positive to the situation right there for me. LOL!

Now while other days I might sit back and try to ponder it out before I attempted to type, today I’m just going to share that I’m taking off out of town again. I will have internet access, so yes I will be continuing work on keeping up with the blog. I’m heading on out to the country side of things though for roughly a couple weeks. Maybe not quite so long, but we shall see. I’m going to be doing some house/dog sitting for friends and fortunately for me the opportunity to head out early arose. So I’m going to be getting in some extra days out of town to spend with my beautiful mommy. I’m so excited to be seeing her later today. Greatly looking forward to being able to wrap my arms around her for a big hug!

Those are the basic plans for the day. Well, I have my friend Melly Belly (as I like to call her) coming over to hang out for a little bit this morning, while I pack up for the time away. So as soon as I finish this up and check my e-mail once more, I’ll get started on all that. I’ll definitely have to be sure to keep up with my new routine of walking every morning. I know once the dog sitting begins, I’ll be going for at least a couple walks a day with the cute little puppies that’ll be in my care. It’s those extra days around all that though that I’ll need to continue to push myself to get up and go for that walk.

--XOXO, Jane


  1. *pouts* Give mom a hug! I'm jealous. I wanna go see mom tooo!!! Hehe. I hope you have a good time and tell mom we love her.

    1. Awes! I will be sure to hug mom and send your love her way!! Love and miss you big sissy!!