Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bring On The Coffee!

It's one of those days I feel like I could receive an unfathomable amount of coffee. In fact...as much as I am a bit needle-phobic, I'm about ready to just set myself up for a Coffee IV. Let's just pump me full of something highly caffeinated that will help boost those inner gears at a little quicker pace. My coffee cup of choice lately (as you see pictured) says it all! Now don't get me wrong, it hasn't been a bad day. In fact it's been a fairly productive one thus far. It's just one of those days where I woke up a hour before I really needed to. Of course I couldn't go back to sleep, so I started my pot of coffee. Ate a small breakfast, got ready and headed off to nutrition class.

While at class I was fairly awake, paying attention and taking note of things I didn't already know. Some things were noted that I did technically know, but it's good to give ourselves certain reminders. Anyways, afterwards it was off to lunch with some peeps and now here I am at home. Feeling suddenly sluggish and sleepy, but knowing it's much too soon to fall asleep. Plus I'm not really a good napper, when I go to “nap” it usually ends up with me just being crashed out for a lot longer then an hour or two!

So no naps for me today! Besides there are some things I really want to get handled and done. Some writing I wish to do and some reading I need to do! Got a personal (and only semi-embarrassing) milestone of life I hope to be sharing with all of you in the near future. No more talk of that for now though. LOL! For now, let's just keep it to the notion that it's just one of them days where I just can't seem to get enough coffee in me!

Hope you all are having a much more alert Tuesday than I am! LOL!

--XOXO, Jane


  1. Jane, I don't do coffee, because I am caffine challenged, meaning it does come back to haunt me later that night. I hope you're energy level picks up, if it doesn't remember you always have tomorrow. Grrrr

    1. I love coffee! Hence the tagline on the blog. ;) Caffeine really doesn't effect me to keep me up. I think it just helps me focus. XD