Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gotta Brace Myself

Precisely six weeks ago I went to the ankle specialist and well, ‘I Got The Boot’. Today, I go to the ankle specialist nervous as ever worried that despite the pain and swelling lessening I may still have to face surgery someday. Well, that never once came up. Instead I actually felt no pain while the good doctor was messing with my ankle and foot. I also was happily able to delight in the fact that indeed the pain and swelling have gotten better. Granted, it’s still a little sore occasionally and a tad swollen, but it’s definitely improving. So my good news of the day is that I was able to take off the boot once and for all! Six weeks of an immobilized ankle is not fun, let me assure you!

As you can see in the photo though, I am not completely out of the woods from ankle care. I do now have a brace to wear for the next month or two. The good news to that is I am able to wear both shoes again! The concept of putting on my shoes has never excited me this much before! Six weeks is definitely enough to make a person appreciate their left shoe. LOL! At least it has for me. So now the game plan is that it’s recommended I do a little physical therapy for my ankle (which has yet to be scheduled) and wear this brace. Naturally take it easy and just ease back into the walking. Oh how I look forward to the day of mile walks once and no contraptions around my ankle.

I’m feeling quite thankful though, because I was more than prepared to throw a fit – I mean a two year old styed tantrum of throwing myself on the ground, if surgery was still on the table of possibilities to happen here. So hurray to the notion that surgery wasn’t even discussed and my ankle is making good progress here!

--XOXO, Jane


  1. I'm really glad you're doing better! I wish you an even speedier recovery toget rid of that brace and be all well and done with!

  2. Something to look forward to. Hope you are mending well and taking it slow. Yay for no surgery!

    1. Big yay for no surgery! I was a nervous wreck going into the appointment, LOL! Thank you very much!