Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Month Of Thankfulness

Let me preface this with the fact that I normally don’t jump on board with trends. I’m really not ashamed to say that I am so not a trendy person! However, with Thanksgiving fast approaching I must say I am admiring what seems to be the latest with social media sites and blogs this month. Each and every single day thousands upon thousands of Americans (and likely others) are posting something they are thankful for each day. They are going as far as if they miss some days; they make up for it when they can post online. I love this trend! I love the positivity and expression of gratefulness for the blessings of life. So this time around I am definitely jumping right on board!

So yes, I realize it’s the sixth already and therefore I have some days already to make up for! I am seriously going to try and get on to post something each and every day though. Naturally if I can’t I will make up for it as soon as I can post, but I think it’s too good a trend not to participate in it and regardless if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I definitely encourage others to also partake in this!

Without further ado though and in no particular order, I bring you the first six days of thankfulness!

November 01st)
I am thankful for my close family. They are my cheerleaders, my support system and the people I feel I can turn to for anything. They are great for advice, unconditional love and to put me in check when I get out of line. They tolerate me as much as I do them and somehow in the peaceful dysfunctions it just works. I thank God every day for the blessing of the family I have. There’s a theory that floats around about how we pick our families before we are born. I have to admit I like that; I definitely would pick mine on purpose.

November 02nd)
I am thankful for my friends. Lord knows I am not the greatest friend. I’m horrendous with picking up the phone and well, let’s just say I’m not perfection. Who is though? Anyways, onto point my friends whom I cherish so much and tolerate me so well! They stick by my side through thick and thin and I could not be more grateful to the understanding and loving souls I am surrounded with. Especially when they admit such things to me as Melly-Belly has about disliking gum simply because it’s “tedious”.

November 03rd)
I am thankful for large coffee mugs. Sometimes it really is the simplest pleasures in our lives that we can be thankful for. Seriously, what better way to kick back for a self-proclaimed ‘coffee addict’ than to sip from an oversized mug on a cool day? Some days I just really love a good takes two hands kind of mug to use for my hot coffee.

November 04th)
I am thankful for my driving permit. Okay, this is a partially embarrassing one as I know at my age it’s not so common not to be driving yet, but depression and anxiety can hold you back on a lot in life. Now that those things are well under control for me though I am taking charge in my life on many levels. I’ve recently had the excitement of successfully attaining my permit and with some luck, soon hopefully my driver’s license. At this point in time though, I’m just so thankful to be getting to that point for myself.

November 05th)
I am thankful for role play. Now you just get your mind right out of the gutter! I do not run that kind of a blog. I am merely talking about the writing game. It’s a creative source to write with others, creating characters, building storylines and so forth. I know this one sounds positively silly, but I strongly feel it has truly helped me hone and develop my writing skills on a much better level. So for that, along with it just being a wonderful creative outlet for me – I am actually thankful.

November 06th)
I am thankful to be an American with the right to vote. Okay, I don’t want to get too politically charged here, but I voted today. As you can see in the blog photo being shared I even got my sticker to prove it! I shamefully admit this is the first year I’ve voted, but I happily will say it will not be the last. I felt like such a giddy geek though when I arrived to vote. I was positively cheerful and felt myself nearly skipping up to the person who handed me my ballot and off I went to my seat to fill in my votes. No, I won’t say who I voted for publicly, but I will say I’m not going to lose sleep over who wins or loses this election. My despairing feelings for our presidential candidates though did not prevent me from feeling patriotically charged up as I submitted my votes! I’ve had a smile on my face since. Damn it’s good to be an American!

Well alright, there we have covered the first six thankful days of November for me. I most certainly won’t be stopping on Thanksgiving by the way; I plan to keep right on going to the final day of the month! I do hope you all feel inspired to share some things you are thankful for with me. I would love to read them, be they big, small or just plain silly to some!

--XOXO, Jane

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