Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Thankfulness!

Oops! I accidently missed a whole day… already! However, in all fairness though I had quite the migraine yesterday. I swear I thought my head was literally going to explode. Jumping right off that though, as this is a month of thankfulness and positivity – not misery, here I go with some thankfulness for yesterday and today!

November 07th)
I am thankful for my old worn out and oversized sweatshirt. Now I’m not normally a sweatshirt friendly person, but this one has always been my exception. I’ve had this sweatshirt since I was fourteen years old. It was too big then and it’s too big now. No, it’s not the most fashionable thing – especially after all the years, but I love it. It’s warm, it’s comfortable and it’s perfect to curl up in. It’s perfection for lounging around the house – therefore I’m not concerned with the minor holes, rips, tears and stains (thank you bleach accidents) from over the years. It still keeps the warmth in it and it still is my favorite cold weather accessory.

November 08th)
I am thankful for soy almond milk! No seriously… I have a lactose allergy and just within the past few days was I able to finally try some of this stuff. It’s freaking delicious! At least to me… not to my friend Cuddle Monkey who practically gagged on it, but I find it to be an amazing drink! Not even going to try to hide it or deny it, it excites me to be drinking some kind of milk. I can’t exactly just pour myself a glass of the real stuff without getting a bit sick – so this substitute is wonderful to someone like me! So yes, today I am thankful for almond milk – more specifically the vanilla flavor that I tried. Freaking delicious people!

Alright, let’s hope I can be more right on top of this tomorrow! LOL! Again I definitely want to encourage that you all share things you’re thankful for as well. Be it here to me in comments or on your own blogs and social pages!

--XOXO, Jane

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