Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Special Request

Before I can type anything else, I first must do something I rarely ever do. I am asking for prayers, thoughts and well wishes for my older brother Tim. He is a husband, father of five and just an amazing older brother – one of my absolute best friends. Presently he is in the hospital due to kidney failure issues amongst other things. The official diagnosis is something called Rhabdomyolysis. Which basically means muscle tissue is breaking down and getting into his bloodstream. We do not at this point know how this happened. Now granted there has been a very, very slight improvement on his kidneys today, but he’s not completely out of the woods just yet. Although the upside is, that the improvement was great enough the hospital canceled their plans of putting him on dialysis today. I saw my brother for a few minutes today though and he’s in a lot of pain. I myself am praying that improvements continue and that the medical staff assisting him may find the answers and cures needed here.

Aside from that I do want to apologize that November ended up being a bust on the blog. Between being sick, going out of town for the holiday and now facing this family emergency amongst other things I have been heavily distracted from this blog. So my deepest apologizes to my readers. I fully intend to come back on here either tonight or tomorrow to write down the rest of the month (that I missed) of November with my daily thankful tidbits. As truly even in times of great stress it’s good to count our blessings. Therefore after a bit of rest and a bit more coffee gets injected into my system I shall return with that.

--XOXO, Jane


  1. Place your energy into helping your brother heal right now and my prayers are with him at this time.

  2. Hi Jane,

    I am so sorry that your brother is not feeling well. My prayers are with you and your family as you help your brother heal.

  3. Your brother is indeed lucky to have you as a sister Jane. My prayers for him and his family. Hoping that everything will be okay soon.