Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring On 2013!

Am I the only one that feels like 2012 went by super-fast? Here we are already though, saying goodbye to one year and preparing for the next. Personally I am feeling pretty damn optimistic for this coming year. I have so many personal challenges and goals to conquer over the next twelve months. Naturally, I am planning on sharing my ventures along the way on here. So of course, this means one of my personal goals is to re-prioritize my online time and schedule my general day to day life better. This blog is important to me and I enjoy it quite a bit. Yes I know I’ve fallen short these past few months by a lot, but I am going to push myself to make self-improvements, including pumping up my blog more.

So much in store for this fast approaching year, but first let me take a quick step back. While I have failed to come back and finish my thankful days of November I am going to be doing a thankful post once a week  - starting very soon. I also want to step back to my last post on here and thank everyone who sent well wishes and prayers over my brother’s health. Although he is out of the hospital, and has been for a while now – he’s not completely out of the woods. Blood clots still remain in his legs (don’t get me started on how angry I am at that particular hospital right now) and he is pretty much bed ridden. So prayers, well wishes and good thoughts/vibes sent his way are always appreciated from the bottom of my heart!

Well let’s get on with the photo being shared! I quickly snapped this shot of our Christmas turkey buckled up on the local bus. I’m presently out of town for the holidays and the particular bus driver we had decided for safety during our travel from the bus back to the house, the turkey needed to be buckled in. It was quite the laugh fest with him that day, needless to say. LOL! Anyways, I should put this entry to a stop. We are just about an hour away (here in Michigan) for ringing in the New Year and all I got to say is bring it on! I’m ready to begin reaching out further and improving myself and life for me.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

--XOXO, Jane Ridgewood


  1. I hope 2013 brings you much joy -- love that you will be doing a Thankful post each week...Would love you to link up on Thursdays with me!

    Hope your brother continues to heal.

    Stopping in from BF.

    1. Thank you OneMommy, I hope it does for you as well! Oh yes, I love the idea of a thankful post once a week. I think it will add a nice touch to things around here and hopefully inspire more to do it. YES! I would love to link up with you on Thankful Thursdays! That would be so fun!!

      Thank you very much hun, I really appreciate that!