Friday, March 29, 2013

3 Negs & A Strong Positive!

Where to begin? Well how about the beginning. As you see at first, I had a laptop issue arise. Now granted there is a very good chance my laptop has just recently shown me that I am on the verge of a dying hard drive. However, with the wonderful skill and knowledge of my amazing older brother Tim, my laptop has been fixed from its error. Or at least the error I was receiving. So fortunately, that problem was squished pretty quickly, but still I went a couple days with falling behind on things as I had to re-install certain programs and such.

The next dilemma came when I seemed to have caught a sinus infection. So many things have been floating around, that I’m personally glad that’s all I caught. Still though, it was pretty nasty, but I focused (in-between classes) on getting rest and doping up on some cold medications. Unfortunately in a way, I had to learn the hard way that certain cold remedies apparently do not mix well with my anxiety medication. As you see, I ended up having a panic attack out of the blue. The fortunate side to this was that I was able to tell what was going wrong with me when it started. I knew what it was and while I did have to leave class early that day, I was able to assess it might have been a medication mixture. So for that day I took no more cold meds and the next day I felt just fine again. Also, bonus plus side to feeling and knowing what was wrong with me, I didn’t freak out in front of others and was able to leave early with (what I hope) was discreet grace.

Now for my third negative encounter. Last night I went to unplug my laptop and I was met with a large spark and a puff of smoke. My eyes widened as I looked to my cord to see the plug part actually broke off from the cord. Fortunately there was no fire or electrical problems due to the sudden breakage. I also, have already ordered myself a new adapter for my laptop – as without one, I can’t charge the battery on it. The fortunate side is that while I’ll have to wait till Monday (thank you overnight shipping) for my new cord to be here, I am indeed getting one! I’ll be away for the weekend as I’m spending Easter with my mom, so it’s not like I’d be on a whole lot over the weekend anyways. I may still manage a bit of poking around the net, but in the meantime of Monday I’ll happily be occupied getting in some much needed mother-daughter time.

Okay folks, now it’s time for my big positive note! Even though yes, throughout each of my negative ones I have easily found an upside. Anyways, the positivity is that just three weeks into my GED prep class I think I’ll be getting sent to do my first GED test. I have taken three practice social studies tests thus far and my last two were above the average scoring. Not to toot my own horn as I don’t think I’m some genius suddenly, but I am getting more anxious and excited about taking the actual test. Next week is spring break (yep, I actually get one), but here is hoping that in the following week I’ll be able to wrap up one of my tests!

--XOXO, Jane

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