Monday, May 21, 2012

Missed Rabbit Opportunity

I took another mile walk this morning. I feel good. Well, there’s a slight cramp in my right calf, but aside from that I feel really good! I learned something again this morning. I learned I should never again leave home for a walk without my camera! Leaving it home was a last minute decision before I stepped outside to go for my walk. I thought to myself, it was likely a little too gloomy on the path perhaps to find good nature shots. We had some storms last night and rain throughout the early morning hours. Plus, my walk is more for me to get healthy and enjoy the alone time verses snapping off at the camera. So I left it home and boy do I wish I hadn’t!

Not even half way from my house to the path I took, I spotted a rabbit in some random yard. I paused; I spoke soft to it and just adored it from a few steps away. The rabbit didn’t run away like they usually do, oh no instead it stayed in place and watched me. I swear I could almost picture it having a carrot in its mouth and going, “What’s up doc?”. It didn’t even run away as I began to move again to continue to head off towards the path. I silently had to curse myself of course for deciding not to bring my camera along. It was one of those times where I debated backtracking to the house, but what would be the odds that the rabbit would still be there when I got back? I tried to reason that with myself as I quietly commiserated upon entering the path.

Once on the path though I was slowly putting it behind me already. Taking in a nice deep breath and letting it out slowly as I just enjoyed the fresh air. That peaceful feel the path really seems to wrap around me as I began my journey down it for the day. I swear though, it was about the time I had fully accepted the fact there’s nothing I could do about the missed opportunity and let it go, did I spot another rabbit up ahead of me. Then possibly even a third rabbit rustled in some bushes – or so I’m hoping that’s what that was! LOL! I couldn’t shake how crazy that was, having seen two rabbits so close. There were two times at that point where I spotted a rabbit. Each time met with enough of an encounter that if I had my camera, I likely would have had enough time to snap a picture. I just sighed after the second one, let it go and continued on my way.

Making it to the end of the path again, felt like a personal accomplishment. I enjoyed greatly that feeling of knowing I had made it to that point. And since the research done yesterday, knowing I had just walked ½ a mile and still was doing good felt great. So now all I had to do was walk back ½ a mile and head home. It was on my way back down the path though, did a Robin swoop down and land right in front of me. Now this was not so much a missed picture opportunity as it took all I had not to scream bloody murder. See…I’m not exactly a fan of birds. I find them beautiful from afar, but up close like that and I’m ready to run crying for my mommy! I didn’t scream though and thankfully the bird flew away pretty fast.

Now overall I did quite enjoy my walk. I still found it peaceful and relaxing, despite my silent commiserating over opting to not bring along my camera and missing the rabbit picture opportunities. LOL! I’m over it (or so I’m pretending) about the missed pictures though. More than anything I am just feeling good about myself for taking the initiative for getting off my butt two days in a row!

--XOXO, Jane


  1. Oh, I need to get out walking again! I usually don't take my camera, either, and then I regret it too! Maybe you'll see more rabbits on your walk today. ;)

    Lemon Drop Pie

    1. I love walking and I’m really enjoying it these past few days. My walk today was great, as I posted on my Facebook page I got to see a deer! Unfortunately it was too shadowing where it was and we (the deer and I) were too far apart from one another for me to get a good clear picture. It was a beautiful and exciting though – especially given I live in the suburbs. LOL!