Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taking Those First Steps

I learned two things about myself this morning. One thing being that it really is okay to be proud of myself for small things. I have a bad habit of not giving myself “enough credit” as some who know me would put it. I can be very hard on myself, but this morning I felt a moment of clarity. I felt something stir inside me at such a random moment that just told me, it’s okay to be proud of myself for the positive progress I continue to make in life. Regardless of how big or small each step along the way is. As long as I’ve accomplished something to push me to my big goal, I can hold my head up high and feel good about myself for actually doing something.

The other thing I learned was that I actually like to take walks alone. Yep, I did it finally. Shortly after 6:00am I felt the urge that couldn’t be held back. Since the sun was up enough that I could see outside, I changed from my pajamas and tossed on my new balance shoes. I grabbed my camera, stuffed it in my pants pocket and headed out the door. I only paused a couple times to take a picture on my venture out.  Of course one of which was at start of the portion of a trail I opted to take. It’s not really that long, from one street down behind some houses to the next street, a block long if that. Anyways, there was nobody else on the path and I just found myself completely alone and loving it.

Sounds of nature filled my ears on my early morning walk. I found myself actually enjoying the sounds of birds chirping, squirrels rustling in bushes and trees. It was peaceful. It was relaxing and I felt like I could just think clearly. It was a little buggy given all the plant life along the trail, but nothing intolerable. Only once did I feel maybe I should turn back, but in that moment I was considering it I saw the end of the trail and pushed to continue. It was like seeing the finish line or something. I had to cross it. I had to make it that far, before I could allow myself to turn around and make the walk all the way home. I felt accomplished reaching that point of the trail and still feeling good enough to walk home. Now really, as cliché as this may sound – there’s a part of me that strongly feels like I just took the first steps down a better path for my life today.

Logically I know this was only day one. If I want to continue to feel proud of myself I will need to walk again tomorrow, then the next day and the next after that. Weather permitting of course, but if it’s bad for a day then I must get on the exercise bike I have free access too. I must keep up with being more active for myself. I must keep myself determined and focused to continue on this path to getting healthier. Walking is just the start and today, I proudly share that I took those first steps I needed to. I finally got off my butt and took that much needed initiative.

--XOXO, Jan

I just found out that the portion of the trail I took is approximately ½ a mile long. So in total I walked approximately a mile, plus whatever steps it took me to get from my home to the trail and back from it.


  1. Congratulations for liking yourself.

    The trail is beautiful, but be careful being alone on a trail. :o) Yeah, I know I'm sounding like a mom.

    1. Thank you very much.

      It really is and no worries, I know to be careful. LOL! I’ve had a couple people I know tell me to be careful given how early it was. :)